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Life is all about balance. We believe in equal parts fitness and fun.


Miles + Mimosas was born out of a desire to curate a community for women to come together for running and wellness (and mimosas).


Brought together by a mutual love of running, Ashlee and Jasmine seek to curate events for women that use movement as a means to wellness, community and fun.

We're runners. We're brunchers. We brought the two together for the sake of community. There are few better ways to enjoy a run than with a group of women by your side, and (bottomless) mimosas waiting for you at the finish.

<3 Ash + Jas

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bridge builder + people connector + barrier breaker

Ashlee is a firm believer in the power of community to transform lives. An event producer and marketer by trade, Ashlee works to curate engaging experiences for communities in the nation's capital and beyond.

As a crew leader of District Running Collective, she has found herself at the forefront of transforming running culture. Ashlee is specifically focused on creating safe spaces and experiences for women runners to connect and thrive. This includes empowering (Black) women athletes to challenge the many stereotypes that exist about what it means to be a runner.

Through Miles + Mimosas, Ashlee hopes to spark important conversations and ignite the runner in women everywhere! 

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convener, organizer and supporter of women

Jasmine's passion is focused on creating spaces and curating events for D.C.'s women of color community to connect, collaborate and celebrate one another. She is a cheerleader for collective success, especially among women, and believes a little push to start, a lot of accountability, and a strong support system are the keys to living your best life.

A self-proclaimed brunch queen and captain at District Running Collective, Miles + Mimosas combines two of Jasmine's most common weekend activities. She hopes these spaces will facilitate connections and a community for all levels of runners across the city to learn that they have more than just running in common.


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On IG: @j_nesi 

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